Home after a long journey to the other side of the world

I open my cases to the smells of another landscape


The dust from a faraway desert

remains suspended in my clothes

collects in the corners of my suitcase


Delicate packages, wrapped in craft paper,

rolled up in clothing

An attempt to bring that life

those experiences

back here

to the ones I love most


Little piles all over my bedroom

This one to wash

This one to put away

These mementos to consider-

Who were they for?

Why did I buy them?

Will the recipient get the same feeling from them as I did?


What is not evident in the explosion of clothing and gifts

are the stories

the laughter

the feeling of wholeheartedness

the love of my family

the real and true souvenirs of my travels


I try to incorporate them into conversation

weave them back into my regular life

bridge the two worlds in which my heart resides