Rainbow-colored Life

I once bought a pack of rainbow-colored paper
just to try it
My life up until that point had been black and white
I looked at the pinks, blues, and purples and imagined the happiest times of my life
I would use those sheets
The rest would not be used
or so I thought
As I made my recollections of the stories of that year
the colors helped to tell them
Blue for January
Pink for February
March is green, April lavender
May bright pink
June a lovely sky blue
July turquoise, August purple
Then came the colors I didn’t like
Burgundy, Orange, Brown
Yet somehow they seemed to fit
They worked
And in the end, in December, on black paper, the glittery silvers and golds shone brighter than all the sunny days of July
Life will astonish you
if you let it.